How does it work?

1. We’ll start with an in-depth chat to define what your company wants to communicate and to whom. Are you aiming to optimize your website for search? In terms of SEO, what keywords need to feature? Or is a printed document better to support your product or service? 

2. For multi-week projects, I’ll set up an online dashboard with deadlines for deliverables. 

3. I’ll research your sector in order to craft the right message.  

4. We’ll touch base again for a round of tweaks, revisions and re-writes, until the content hits the sweet spot.


What are your rates?

It depends on the commission.  For website copywriting, my rates are around Euro 500-600 for a standard five-page site. Otherwise, I charge around Euro 1/word.  But as I loathe flabby text, you’ll never be overcharged: your company will only get the succinct, focused content it needs. 


Tell me your deadline expectations and we can take it from there. I’ll be upfront and transparent, and once I’m committed I won’t drop the ball.

What’s the timeline?


Editor, copywriter | Marcella Moohan