Marcella Moohan, business writer, copywriter, editor

Hi, I'm Marcella Moohan



I'm a business writer, editor and copywriter


What makes me tick is communicating an organization’s message in a concise, engaging and accessible way.

Got a high-tech product that’s tricky to explain?

Bring it on: there’s nothing more satisfying than stripping back the layers to reveal a company’s offer, simply and succinctly.


Out of office

There’s no industry on the planet that doesn’t interest me. If your organization’s focus is new to me all the better – it’s a fresh chance to learn. I was born curious and I’m a life-long learner. That’s why I’m learning about digital content strategy. I’d love to discuss how I can help track messages.

Swim, bike, run

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I also love sport, whether it’s competing in triathlons, helping to train my kid’s rugby team or reading about it on the back page. I’m a multiple half-Ironman finisher. Training for an endurance event requires discipline, but it’s my pressure release valve from the hard yards of raising three boys.

There are parallels between preparing for an endurance event and the editorial process: both start with a blank page. Then comes the long grind of training or writing, editing and re-writing. But I’m competitive, and I challenge myself to produce the best result.


...and read

I grew up in the UK but I’ve lived and worked in three continents. My expat life has turned me into a four wheel drive: I can adapt to the terrain. And communications is always about entertaining or informing your reader, regardless of the time zone.

Wherever I am, my books come too. I’m not fussy though; from management tomes to historical novels, I’ll hoover them all up. Reading feeds my curiosity and there’s also that lovely cross-pollination between reading and writing; the more you read the better informed your content.

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But that’s enough about me.

Get in touch and let’s get to know each other better.

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